Posted in May 2010


  AUTOMATIC NEGATIVE THOUGHTS      (A.N.T.S)   We all have them! How many people do you know that complain daily, vent angry thoughts, react and lash out on impulse? The chances are, that you know at least one person who does… (i know a few..!) So, im putting this out there to try and help those who experience … Continue reading

False Education Appearing Real (F.E.A.R)

“FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL” In the geo-political world, (that’s ours by the way), there are more seemingly good reasons to be afraid today than in any time. Every day the media indoctrinates people about the threats of various plagues (swine flu), economic disasters, terrorist plots, credit crunch, etc… In short, living within a “culture of … Continue reading


One of the traps that’s easy to fall into is filling your life with too many incompatibilities –  people, places, objects, circumstances and activities that just dont mesh with the person you are on the inside… When your external reality is out of sync with your inner self, your inner self will resist it. This … Continue reading