Posted in July 2010

Time Will Tell…

Time is endless but your time is limited. (always nice to start off with a Paradox!)   Expressions such as “There are not enough hours in the day”, “where does the time go” and “ive got too much time on my hands” suggest that we might not be using our time effectively. They all indicate … Continue reading

‘Someday’ is not a day of the week…

  The common dictionary definition of procrastination is “to defer action”, to deliberately do something later on. Im quite happy to admit that this is something im definitely guilty of. Its kinda like a “planned delay” in order to consider all the available evidence before making a decision. (This could be due to my “think … Continue reading

Learning how to Learn.

I spend alot of time learning about alot of different things. At the same time, I get the urge to pass on this newly acquired knowledge and do so enthusiastically! Some people I speak to grasp what im saying instantly and are ready to fire back with opinions of their own, whilst some people are left … Continue reading

Thought for Food

I advanced on a branch of respect and honor Stimulated to success by the stress and drama My hearts beats with strength so i bless this armor Enhanced by the awareness of attraction and karma Information is the newest religion Its a new way of livin If you study for yourself you’ll see its all … Continue reading