Good or Evil – What is Human Nature?


No human being is fundamentally evil…. because he or she is not genetically programmed by nature for “Gewalt and manipulation.


(*GEWALT is a German word for which there is no English equivalent. Gewalt is the brutal execution of elemental mite and force, but it is far above all might and all force. When human beings possess or carry out acts of Gewalt, and it is not based in logic, then this usually involves violence, brutality, degradation and is terribly destructive.)

.Each one teach won

The abysses of evil, deceit, revenge and retribution, dishonesty and hatred as well as jealousy and falseness as well as everything else that is degenerated and un-worth of human beings only develop during the course of life. And when these abysses of evil open, it is not rarely the case that they open so wide that a human being who has lapsed into evil can no longer find his or her way back to goodness.


No human being is evil, gewalt-acting or degenerative in one or another way in his or her natural state, because no human being is genetically coded for gewalt.

The truth is that the evil in human beings is learned by them during life, something which can happen even from an early stage of childhood or only later with advancing years. Indeed, there is no age limit placed on learning gewalt-acts, evil and every possible type of degeneracy, which means that even a human being who has lived a good, peaceful and gewalt-less life can suddenly lapse into acts of gewalt in old if he or she falls into the appropriate circumstances of living by means of which he or she leads himself or herself to gewalt…




Genetic programming only imposes on human beings reaction patterns and protection mechanisms, which are archaic or prehistoric reaction functions of fight, flight or freezing. These are therefore reaction patterns that are possessed by many animals and other creatures (birds, fishes, reptiles etc…) and are controlled by the brain; in human beings, this is the oldest part of the brain, the brain stem. Each one teach won

The brain stem responds to any conceivable and acute threat towards the conscious of the consciousness in a fully unconscious way… Therefore… the consciousness can not control the entire scenario of the threat response.


The unconscious reaction process to the acute threat (your auto response) therefore prevents a control function of the conscious on the unconsciousness, with the result that the consciousness only becomes conscious of the whole procedure due to the unconscious perception and resulting feelings (you realise AFTER the action has taken place) . Therefore, when faced by an acute threat, a danger etc.., the brain stem responds with an unconscious perception therefore followed by unconscious thoughts which takes place without the conscious of the consciousness even being involved! *deep breath!* 🙂


This unconscious perception and the resulting feelings lead to a lightning reaction which results in a fight, flight, or freezing response, and only then penetrates the consciousness in a conscious way. However, if unfavourable conditions and circumstances are present in this procedure, this can lead to an outburst, namely destructive aggression, because control over negative impulses is not part of our genetic programming either, rather, it is something that has to be learned each one teach wonthrough healthy activity of the consciousness, and thereby, through a sound world of thought, feeling and behavior.

Analysing human behavior leads to the recognition that everything in human life depends on the human beings complex coping strategies, namely satisfying his or her requirement, solving his or her conflicts and problems, rectifying his or her mistakes, and also gaining recognition from his or her fellow human beings. Looking for these capabilities in the human being, it is possible to find them in the cerebral cortex which give rise to ever more complex and improved coping strategies which allow the human being to live rightfully according to creational laws and recommendations, insofar that he or she grows up and leads his or her life in this climate of fulfilment.

However, if the human being grows up in a climate where fear, gewalt, oppression, violence, jealousy, torture, dishonesty, hatred, revenge, retribution or other evil and degenerative practices are the norm, the result will be that the defensive programmed stored in the depth of the human brain since ancient times, namely the fight, flight and freezing, will be reinforced, resulting in gewalt-reactions.




Faced with evil, gewalt or degeneracy, it is very quick for the only possible and successful coping strategy to be seen as returning the same evil… the same gewalt and the same degeneracies as the only means of self-assertion, and therefore as the only opportunity to assert oneself in relation to oneself or towards other people or a situation, and wielding might oneself (An eye for an eye type response). This behavior very quickly becomes a habit, something which generally takes place in the early years of childhood and can no longer be dropped (some children are taught, “if they hit you, you hit them back”). As a result, human beings carry with them their learned evil, gewalt, hatred, revenge and retribution as well as all kinds of degeneracy throughout their entire lives, and it is therefore inevitable that this will lead to intermittent or continuous acts of gewalt. The entire behavior also contains within it a sustained and hidden unconscious fear of suffering disadvantages and harm, and this feeds a sustained and burrowing, destructive aggressiveness which further increases the level of fear and leads to murder and manslaughter, war and destruction, as has been the case since time immemorial.

each one teach wonIf a human being grows up in a climate of fear, brutality, gewalt and dengeneracy, or if the human being lives under such conditions on having reached adulthood, it is inevitable that he or she will take on these evil and negative forms by learning them and thereby once again open the door to the archaic or prehistoric defensive programmes of fight, flight and freezing, something which inevitably leads to gewalt acts. This is because there is no control over impulses in the conscious of the consciousness, because this was never learned or has simply been thrown overboard and therefore a completely different behavior or pattern appears that cries out for destructive aggression, gewalt, revenge, retribution, jealousy, torture, the death penalty, hatred, war, destruction, dishonesty, and all other evil things. All nerve groups cry out aggressively for attack, although other responses such and flight and freezing, as well as deceit, infamy indignity, contempt for human beings and cowardice maybe tied up in this and come to the fore when attacked. This means everything is connected, and this interconnectivity is rendered particularly stable because the reward centre is triggered by all these aggressions and degeneracies, and the brain is flooded with neurotransmitter dopamine.

each one teach won

Stimulated Neurotransmitter

Consequently, the human being feels himself or herself affirmed, big and powerful in his or her aggression, gewalt, and degeneracy and this is precisely what leads to the situation that he or she becomes addicted to his or her acts of gerwalt and therefore always continues to strive for evil and unleash dispute, wars and all round death and destruction in order to satisfy his or her brain reward cascade by means of the neurotransmitter dopamine. In this way, the human being mutates towards evil, aggression, gewalt and all other degeneracies as a result of which murder, manslaughter, conflict, jealousy, revenge,  hatred, torture, retribution, wars, death penalty, and destruction become part and parcel of everyday life.



Evil is rife not only within individual human beings when they have learned it, but also in groups and entire peoples. The reasoning of human beings is not determined by the question of good or evil, nor by the question of right or wrong, it is rather the human beings learning of evil that then determines their life and way of life. As far as the individual human being is concerned, his or her way of life is determined by loyalty towards his or her own evil, in terms of groups or peoples, it is the groups or peoples loyalty towards evil that enables human beings to allow themselves to be misused for the purposes of religious, political, philosophical or ideological delusion, for the death penalty and for wars.  However, human beings are not born with a blind loyalty towards evil, because they learn it from their environment. Fundamentally, human beings are born with a true conscience that strives to the goodness. This mean the human being is not born with the power to attract evil, but rather with good and positive things, which is entirely in accordance with creational laws namely, that every life form shall be born unencumbered by evil or destructive aggressiveness or gewalt. Therefore, it is the truth that human being are born into the world with a good and positive social behaviour and are controlled by this, which is something that happens long before they are in any way aware of it. This is the same this as saying that every human being who possesses gewalt, evil, aggression and degeneracies for any kind is himself or herself to blame for this, because he or she learnt this entirely by himself or herself during the course of his or her childhood or adult life.






No human being is gewalt acting by nature; he or she learns to be gewalt acting because of his or her surroundings, from parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and other human beings. Human beings also learn to be gewalt acting as a result of religions and sects which teach murder and manslaughter as well as other evil gewalt an bad things; from politicians an the military who order wars and spread death and destruction; and from the penal code according to which torture and the death penalty are imposed; also however from gewalt acting sport, games, and educational matters etc. This means human beings learn about gewalt from an early age, indeed not infrequently they almost imbibe it with with their ‘mother milk’, meaning, that evil becomes seen as the only successful coping strategy in order to assert oneself against other people and the entire world around. The destructive aggressiveness, however, is not harmless because evil is fundamentally directed against its own origin as well, as can be seen by the fact that evil of any kind makes for unhappiness over time even if the human being is not punished for his or her gewalt acting or otherwise evil actions. Yet it is the reality that an individual will come to harm sooner or later through having done evil, because psychic stability weakens over time due to the pangs of a guilty conscience. This does not apply to human beings who have become entirely brutalised and callous as well as irresponsible and conscienceless, something which also applies to those who kill as legal executioners or soldiers, knowing the judicial or military command is at their back and incorrectly believing that their actions are rightful, which means that they do not develop a guilty conscience. It is the norm for doing evil – irrespective of what kind – that a guilty conscience will surface in the human being over time, therefore undermining the psychic stability. This psychic destabilisation leads to severe depression, to an increased risk of suicide and the danger of becoming addicted to medicines, drugs, and alcohol. It is a fact that amongst human beings who have learnt to do evil and have fallen into this trap, the percentage of suicides, addictions and depressions is over 500 times greater that the in human beings who have not lapsed into evil. This also applies if the deeds have never been investigated and the wrongdoers have been consequently punished.

(How do these influence your opinions?)

each one teach woneach one teach woneach one teach won



RE-COGNITION (Recognition)


If a human being does not recognise that his or her evil actions are wrong and does not make an effort to return to the good and right path, and remain walking on this path henceforth, something which is well within the bounds of possibility for every fallible human being, then that person is running headlong into their own doom. Taking a more precise look at evil that human beings do, it is apparent that the evil contains something like a midpoint in the entire thing, a ‘half life’ so to speak. As far as the person is concerned who is doing evil, whether it involves gewalt acts or criminal activities with regard to financial gain, the whole thing concealed under a cloak of might from other human beings or under a cloak of rapid enrichment. And yet everything will at some time reach its highest point, a midpoint or as was mentioned, a half life, from which point things start to go downhill or at which point a process of self dissolution begins, energy tails off and psychic stability begins to fluctuate with the pangs of consciousness.

each one teach wonThis is the time when energy for the good must once more come to the fore, human beings must once again be creational, constructive and loving of fairness, because the true energy of life does not tolerate sheer egoism in the long run. For many of those who have learned evil and live accordingly in their life, the time for learning and practising good in accordance with creational laws and recommendations as well as practising contructive and fairness loving things may occur during the course of their current life, whereas for others this moment for living a good life comes too late – namely when the grim reaper is already at the door…! (Near death experiences tend to lead to a change in prespective) Although a sense of fairness is anchored in the human brain even before birth, it has to be nourished and cherished in order to bring it to the fore. This nourishing and cherishing is of enormous importance especially when the environment exerts its influence, since it is true that goodness depends on the firm volition of the human being as well as on whether he or she allows himself or herself to be influenced by his or her environment or not. This means the human being himself or herself must have a sense of goodness, nourishing and cherishing it, and not leaving it up to the environment, because the direct or indirect environment interprets the sense of goodness according to its own rules and discretion, understanding and benefit.




Good and Evil are always connected to praise or punishment, in which case the question arises in particular with regard to punishment of how much punishment the human being needs if he or she has done something evil, and whether the punishment helps to turn the evil in human beings to be good. Precisely, here it can be said that many punishments imposed on fallible people result in precisely the opposite effect or even in disadvantages, and trigger thoughts of revenge, hatred, and retribution instead of achieving a turning to the good. The reason is that punishments only function and fallible people only turn to a better and good form of behavior is if the punishments are also accepted by the fallible one, recognised as correct and are also understood as a means to a good end. This fact restricts the utility of the punishment to an enormous extent, simply because rules and punishments only bring a benfit if the fallible ones have accepted them and accept the rules and punishments on themselves in order to act in a fair, gewaltless and honest way. Only in this way are rules and punishments useful and establish important preconditions for economic growth, innovation, commercial and social issues, success as well as for technical, medical and scientific progress, including progress in wisdom, love, peace, freedom, harmony and consciousness-related evolution.

My message is.. to Live Well. Its your nature to do so.

Much Love,

DW 🙂


2 thoughts on “Good or Evil – What is Human Nature?

  1. WOW, WOW, WOW! This is an absolute masterpiece and I will have to share it! I have spent the past hour engrossed it and was blown away by the content, theories and your writing style. Well done! And I agree with every word. No one is born intrinsically evil, everyone is born wanting the same thing, love and happiness and when this isn’t fulfilled, issues arise! I believe instead of such a focus on punishment, more emphasis needs to be put on rewarding the things they do that are good and affirming to them that they are intrinsically good, deserving of good thing and there is hope and vision for them to accomplish in life. Positive attracts positive. If you consistently treat someone positively instead of reacting in a negative way to their evil behaviour, positive behaviour will evantually have to result! Well done and keep it up! 🙂

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