About Me

My name is Daniel Whittaker, i live in the United Kingdom and i LOVE PEOPLE!!lol

I have a belief that if you are able to change the way you think about something, you ultimately change the way you feel about it, and this has proved to be a very powerful realisation for me, so much so, that i wish to pass on this knowledge to all that want to hear it. πŸ™‚

Its like, we all want to be happy right? But there is constant struggle to get there. People find themselves left wanting. I think this is because soo many of us believe that we get happiness from “outside” circumstances.. But this is the problem and where many of us have been going wrong. TRUE happiness will never be found in those places. If you get it, if you HAVE manage to attain it that way, im guessing the ‘happiness’ was only temporary..? πŸ˜‰

But no, its not the state of outside circumstances that determines our inner state, its our thoughts and perceptions OF THOSE THINGS that determine how we feel! Nothing external can ‘dictate your inner state’. Not without your permission. You decide for yourself what the external situation is, and what it means to YOU, and not some preconception. The angry bus driver who gave you attitude is either a) A very rude man or b) is having a bad day..! ^^ Play with it! Dance with it! Cry with it…lol

This is what i would call “Life at Play”, and once you start to play with that concept… man… life becomes an awesome thing.

Your opinions on any of the things i post are encouraged! That really is the focus of this page. To gauge a broader understanding of how other people see things and to provoke a bit of thinking and for me to continue my learning and education.

After all of that, you will find your “normal” mid twenties dude whos into sports, traveling, the spiritual, music, poetry, computer games, facebook, etc…! I love to travel the world and see different cultures and people, but most of all, i like feeling nice! feeling good, being surrounded by good people, and positive things! I have even learned to enjoy, literally ENJOY the my darkest moments, the times im ill, when my best friend took my girl lol, when i dislocated my shoulder for the 7th time….lool (update… its now jumped out 8 times..^^) Life is wonderful! πŸ™‚

And this is what i want to bring to the World! Wonderful-ness, and a simple nice feeling brought forward by simple, honest thinking.

Thanks for reading and Live Well πŸ™‚


24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Daniel. Thanks for leaving a comment on my new website. I’m new to wordpress and have to figure it out! Please tell me how you found my site?

    I just skimmed your site, I read the first post, and really appreciate your posts. I’ll have to come back and read MUCH more.

    From what I read about you, you’ll really like my newest post…scroll down, the first post is sticky!

    • I actually found yours by “luck”..! i put a search into word press for “the law of attraction” then sorted by most recent, and i just so happened that yours was top of the list, so i checked it out..!

      Welcome to wordpress by the way..! im fairly new to this blog thing myself, but you pick things up as you go along. Let me know if you need help or anything, ill do my best. πŸ™‚

  2. hi danson me again , the only commet i have after so long is , that you should make the posts on the front page shorter because poeple dont like scrolling to find out what the posts are about . you could use the ” MORE ” button ( read the rest of the post ) let the people read a short bit of the post and if they want to read the rest they click more , as in my posts , harry

    • Hey Harry!

      Thanks for the pointer. I have wanted to do that for a while now, but my current theme doesnt allow it. I will be redesigning it very soon and shall endeavor to incorporate you suggestion.

      Kind regards!

  3. You are blessed to have figured this out at such a young age. Just keep on practicing this way of living and you will accomplish many great things.

  4. I believe in this philosophy… Alot of things like “The Secret” seem a bit mystical for me and so its hard to get it in my daily belief system…. I believe the mind is so powerful and would like to reach my potential but in order to do that I feel I need to step out of my comfort zones and replace fear with love and faith πŸ™‚ Thank you Daniel so happy I find this site while watching the Secret…lol

    • The mind really is more powerful than we realise. The more I play with these concepts, the more I begin to realise..! Its awesome that you are having similar experiences. It reaffirms everything.. πŸ™‚ Stepping out of your comfort zones is a great way to expend your awareness. I really appreciate your comment stephanie..

      Much love!

  5. Daniel, you have always been a very intelligent and wise person. Its true, we have to step out of our comfort zone and deal with a lot of different and difficult situations to say we have lived life. May they be good or bad, thats what makes us all so different yet so alike. May you always be blessed x

    • Wow, thanks for the very kind words Joan..! πŸ™‚

      I was pleasantly surprised to hear from my Dad that you spoke very kindly of me.. I was humbled to say the least. “May they be good or bad, thats what makes us all so different yet so alike.”.. A beautiful statement, and one worth sharing..! (Facebook status update..?!lol)

      All the very best for you, with much love,
      Dan x

  6. Daaaaaannny boy

    i was watching Fresh prince and will always reminds me of u for some reason and decided to find your work on net …tried texting u……at a glimpse your blogs will amazing and so familiar on the journey i have taken and read about too.
    My latest venture or workshop was CALL TO GREATNESS about the hero’s journey and it was simply amazing ….

    hahah and you sure came up in one of my grand speeches,,,,,the idioms you used

    i tried texting you dont know if you have changed your number
    well done in making it and breaking through the walls
    and congrats on the site

    bigger and better things yet to come …..proud of you hun…

    Live well ,,stay blessed

    Your good old friend Nazia


    • Thanks!

      I also thank you for taking the time to comment.. its highly appreciated.. πŸ™‚
      And it also seems we have alot in common..! (Had a look at your site)

      “Be the change you want to see” – Gandhi

      Happens to be one my all time favourite quote..! Although its more of a “Truth” than a quote, but meh.. its all love.. ^^

      • Lol yea it is more of a truth. Thank you as well for taking time to look at my site. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff…enjoy my site as well!

  7. Love the new look Dan. This space has come on in leaps and bounds and reflects the hard work I imagine your putting in to it.

    Keep it going & hope to see you soon πŸ™‚


  8. I love this so this is a blog to just go to to share the love …….I wasn’t expecting to find this as I was searching for this quote in “father forgets” story online and it connected me to this I like:)

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