How ‘Resistance’ Stops The Natural Flow of Life..

When we don’t like the circumstances of our lives our natural tendency is to resist or fight them. The irony of this is that when we fight against the things that we don’t want or don’t like in our lives we tend to perpetuate their existence. It doesn’t really make logical sense, but then again nothing about this journey through life seems to until we’re past our current obstacle. It’s only when we look back we can see that many of our biggest problems are the biggest blessings in disguise.
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10 Simple Truths..

There are alot of smart people out there.. (Some dumb ones too) ..But some of the smartest people I know continuously struggle to get ahead because they forget to address a few simple truths that collectively govern our potential to make ‘progress’ in Life. So here are the first 5 of 10 simple truths to … Continue reading

Charlie Chaplin Speech

Straight up, im throwing this out there. I got this thing, where “themes” seem to repeat in my day to day living. You ever get that..? No..?… Read on anyway. Right now, that theme is Charlie Chaplin? I know… wtf. I remember when I was little, I would enjoy watching his silent movies and this … Continue reading

A Message to the Messengers..

The most important thing, is not to force things, and not to be so impassioned in the delivery of your message, that you put people off the content of the message itself. There is a balance that needs to be found, between your urgency to awaken others, and your compassion for the lack on understanding … Continue reading


Life is like a Game. In fact, it is a Game! I dont know if this is true for some of you, but sometimes when im playing, its like the buttons dont respond. Like the computer freezes or jumps just at the wrong time. Sometimes is even CRASHES and I have to start all over again..!! Frustrating, … Continue reading

Listen To Yourself Speaking.

Avoid as much as possible all negativity in your speech. We hear it all the time and in a variety of ways to. Males and Females repeating: ‘I can’t.’ Ill let you into a secret, and do catch it if you can….: The ‘me’ cannot do all, but the ‘I’ can do everything. Learn never … Continue reading

The Strangest Secret in the World.

Id like to tell you about the strangest secret in the world… Many years ago, Dr Albert Schweitzer was asked a simple question… “What is wrong with the World..?” and after a moment of silence, he replied… “Men simply do not think“… This is what i want to talk with you about. We live today … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Whats the greatest secret of relationships of them all?!… Do i do a tense build up, leave you hanging on a thread, talk a load of ‘stuff’ and then reveal the answer right at the end??!! Nah… im gona get right to it! Everyone is your mirror… This is the greatest secret of all relationships … Continue reading